Crafting with cookie cutters: Banners

Mit Keksausstechern basteln | Girlande

Selam dear ones,

Not much longer, then it is finally time and we can celebrate this year’s Ramadan festival. Mr. Milkbeard is already very excited and is eagerly counting the remaining days.

The great festival!

During the first celebration day we get together with only close family members from my husband’s side of the family. In the morning we go to the mosque together, eat breakfast and spend a nice family day together. The big Bayram party is planned on Saturday where besides Muslims, Christian family members and friends are invited. On Sunday, we spend a calm and relaxed day at home. Clean up, play a lot and reflect on the last two exciting days.

Decorations are alsolutely needed…

Of course, the decorations for such a great festival can’t be missed. Since I, too, like many other busy moms out-there probably don’t have that much time to stop by all the stores to find the best decoration, I have come up with a fast, cheap and simple crafting idea that I would like to share with you.

You need:

  • Islamic cookie cutter from date-berry
  • Colored cardboard
  • String
  • Clothespins
  • Nails or thumbtacks to pin down
  • Scissors & pen

Cookie cutters are not only useful for baking purposes

You can do so much more with cookie cutters then just bake cookies. The cookie cutters are, of course, just as essential as anything else for the upcoming Ramadan festival but today I would like to show you one of the many creative alternatives that I have in place: A banner. The rest will follow shortly, don’t worry. 🙂

Here even the little crafting artists can participate. With a bit of support from mommy, it worked out pretty well.

In the first step, you use the cookie cutter as a template and trace along the outline. Whether you use the inside or outside part depends on the size of the banner’s ornaments. I used the outside part.

Now all of the ornaments get cut out. Mr. Milkbeard thinks that the mosque and lantern are a bit tricky to cut out but he obviously gave such an effort when cutting out the star.

In the final step, you arrange a string and lay out the clothespins according to how many ornaments you will be using. Take the string on the wall and pin it down with nails and thumbtacks and wedge the ornaments along the string. Now your banner is already good to go.

I hope you like the idea and wish you a lot of fun crafting it yourself.

Kind regards

Your Vanessa

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