Do you have any tips for Islamic children’s books?

Yes and no. As you already know, we have a lot of books at home. Of course, there is also a lot of children’s literature. However, in the German-speaking world, in my opinion, there are so far few books with Islamic content, which I can recommend without hesitation, or which meet the demands of Monsieur Milchbart and Mister Spucki. I’ve already introduced some of our favorites. Be sure to check it out.

Are you Turkish?

No, I’m not Turkish. I’m 100% German – if you can say that today. In my family tree there are also Polish and Dutch influences, but I would call them “statute-barred”, because there are generations in between. However, my husband’s family comes from Turkey, which is why the Turkish culture is very familiar and dear to me.

Have you converted to Islam?

Yes! I converted to Islam just over ten years ago. During a spiritual phase of my life, in which the existence of God and the ways of life of believing people fascinated me very much, I dealt in detail with the most common religions and also with atheism. Only Islam was able to touch my heart and mind at the same time, so I decided to change my religious affiliation.

Will there be more dattelbeere products?

My list of ideas that I like to release as products is quite long. In fact, all year round I am always busy designing new products and negotiating with companies and cooperation partners. So you may be curious. God willing, there will be even more products in the shop besides cookie cutters, Ramadan calendars, garlands and creative sets.

Can you be booked for workshops and lectures?

Yes, absolutely. Feel free to have a look at my previous cooperations and workshops and contact me by e-mail. I would be happy to design your individual lecture and/or workshop for you and your event.

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