Ramadan lanterns DIY: Making a garland

We start the preparation for Ramadan with a new crafting template. To prepare the apartment, the house or the garden for the special month, I brought you today a handicraft guide for a garland of oriental lanterns. Below you will find a step-by-step explanation of how to implement the Ramadan lantern DIY. Enjoy your handicrafts.

Ramadan lantern DIY strung up

Ramadan Lantern DIY: Material

Material spread out on the table

Step 1: Cut

As soon as you have printed out the handicraft templates for the Ramadan lanterns in the first step, you cut them out.

Ramadan lanterns DIY templates cut out

Step 2: Draw

Now transfer the stencil onto a cardboard box of your choice. I chose white. But here you have free Choice.

Copy templates

Step 3: Cutting

The best way to cut out the filigree elements is with a small pointed pair of scissors. If you have a scalpel at hand, you can also use it

Cut out Ramadan lantern

Step 4: Glue

Now you turn the Ramadan lanterns to the back and paint the surfaces around the openings with glue.

Apply adhesive to the back

As transparent paper, I chose white and the complementary colours yellow and purple. Of course you can arrange the colour constellation freely and at will.

Finished Ramadan lanterns

Step 5: Threading

In the last step you pierce a hole through the Ramadan lanterns with the tip of your pencil and thread it onto a string.

Threading Ramadan Lanterns

So that the lanterns are also visible from the front, it is important that you include an additional knot. As soon as an element has been pulled onto the string, you form a small loop and knot it twice.

Tie additional knots into the string

Depending on how long you want your garland to be, you can of course extend it with any number of elements.

Ramadan lanterns DIY garland decorated on a wall

Already with smaller children this idea can be realized for the Ramadan. With the filigree cutting units you certainly need some help. But at the latest when it comes to gluing and threading, small helpers are also needed. Because it is especially nice to have worked together on a project to decorate the apartment for Ramadan.

You can find the craft template for printing, ordering and rebuilding here.

I am curious to see how you will find the Ramadan lanterns and wish you lots of fun while creatively becoming and doing handicrafts.

Many greetings and Selam

Your Vanessa

Are you looking for more creative ideas for RAMADAN? Then feel free to stop here.

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