Making a Ramadan Garland: Fast and Easy DIY

Of course, our Ramdan series also lacks some decoration. Do you also notice that it is difficult to find suitable Ramadan decorations? Of course, crafting it yourself is always possible, but especially as a working mom, you don’t necessarily always have the time and leisure to get creative during the late night hours. For us all to save time and effort this year, I brought you a crafting template that can be used for a beautiful Ramadan garland or pennant chain. I hope you like it and that you can decorate your home and polish it up for Ramadan.

Everything You Need For the Ramadan Garland:

Ramadan Garland materials

For starters, you print out the crafting template. I recommend printing out the Ramadan garland on slightly thicker paper, since it is more stable and can also be used again next year. Or use our new printing services. This way, you will receive your crafting templates in best printing quality and on high-quality paper. The individual parts of the Ramadan garland are cut along the black line and placed in the correct order. For the triangles, a cutter is quite suitable, while for the filigree elements of the mosque I used a pair of nail scissors.

The Cut Out Ramadan Garland

Now all elements are carefully threaded onto a string. For visual purposes, I personally think that hemp rope is the best suitable material. But, of course, this is a matter of taste.

Ramadan garland threaded

That’s pretty much it. Finally, you’ll only need to find a suitable place to hang up your Ramadan decoration and there you go, it’s finished.

Ramadan garland decorated with a Ramadan calendar

In our home, we hang it up in the living room, but over the Ramadan calendar so that it can hang inbetween our book shelves. Colorwise, everything merges very well together and it will bring us a lot of joy during Ramadan time, insha’Allah.

I wish you all lots of fun and joy crafting this idea!

Here you can find the crafting template for it.

Salam and warm regards

Your Vanessa

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